**No longer taking custom orders for 2019.**

Currently booking for June-July 2019.

In order to schedule your cake or cookies on your event date a 10 percent non-refundable deposit is required. Without the deposit, we will not hold your date. If you're booking in advance and do not know what your order total will be, then a $25 deposit is required. Priority will be given to the paying customer. All final payments are due 1 week prior to your event date. If payments are not made by the due date the order may be cancelled.


Upcoming Orders, Events, and Classes



Refunds are not provided for any reason. Due to my full schedule and my attention to detail, I spend many hours planning and preparing before even beginning on a cake or cookies.

You should prepare your vehicle so it is clean and free of items that could roll or slide into the cake. I do everything in my power to provide a well-structured cake, but please note that cakes are very fragile and break easily. Place cake on a flat surface in your vehicle or have someone hold the cake. Drive carefully and slowly. I'm not liable or responsible for the cake once it has left my hands.

Any cake placed outside during an event has the possibility of melting or deforming due to the heat. I am not liable for a cake once it has been picked up.

Closed for the remainder of 2019.


Cake Serving Size

Custom cakes are designed to serve the number of people you specify. Our cake serving size is 1.5″ x 2″. If you are serving larger slices of cake and run out, I am not responsible to provide additional cake.